EPS offers electrical and control panels fabrication manufactured to meet our customer requirements. Single source responsibility integrating the correct equipment and auxiliary components provides efficiency, reliability, performance guarantee and time savings. Our custom control panels range from junction box assemblies to multiple enclosure programmable logic controllers fabricated in a UL508A certified panel shop.

The industrial control panels include:

  • Industrial high performance components from recognized brands.
  • PLC based control providing manual and automatic operation with interlocks for protection and remote monitoring.
  • Flexibility on automation and system integration Optional variable frequency drives for accurate control and energy savings.
  • Variety of instrumentation and digital communication Configurable process setpoints and alarms.
  • Hinged door with disconnect switch interlock.
  • Visual and audible alarms using pilot lights or touch screen operator interface terminals.
  • Simulated testing capabilities by in-house support Field start-up included.


  • Electrical enclosures or motor control centers. (MCC’s)
  • Local or remote communication; wired or wireless.
  • Digital communications: Ethernet / IP, Device-Net, Modbus or Profibus.
  • Electrical enclosures: NEMA 4, NEMA 4X or NEMA 7.
  • Purge / pressurization systems with accessories for classified areas.
  • Cooling systems: filtered exhaust fans, vortex coolers and air conditioners.
  • Password protected operator interface terminal (OIT) with setpoints adjustment and process graphic trending.
  • Phase monitor for under / over current, under / over voltage and phase unbalance.

Feel free to contact EPS Manufacturing Division by phone at (787) 883-8880 or by e-mail at epsmfg@epspr.com.